Our Story

Over 60 Years of Tradition in Every Bite


In 1961, Lois Posey Gibbons perfected The Original Cheesecake recipe baking cheesecakes for her children in her Baltimore home.

She began bringing her cheesecakes to work at Love’s Restaurant in downtown Baltimore, where the unique creamy cakes became a favorite of the owners and her co-workers . Within no time, the restaurant soon began serving “Original Mrs. Posé” cheesecakes for customers and a Baltimore tradition was born.

As the Original Mrs. Posé cheesecakes gained a following, Lois would bake as many cakes as she could using her own kitchen and neighbors’ ovens. Then she would load up her 1962 Ford wagon and deliver cakes personally. Lois’ father helped her open her own commercial bakery upon learning that Alfred G. Vanderbilt II was having her homemade original Baltimore cheesecakes flown to New York for his house parties. 

Over the years, Lois’ daughter Susan Posey ‘grabbed the tiger by the tail’ bringing famous Mrs. Pose cheesecakes to more tables in the Mid Atlantic. She expanded the business into over 600 restaurants, delicatessens, and grocery stores across Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Washington D.C.


A Family Run Bakery


Today, Posé Bakery is still a family run business. Baltimore’s Yaffe family is committed to bringing more delicious Posé Bakery products to more tables while staying true to the tradition of quality and taste you’ve come to know and love for over 60 years.

Posé Cheesecakes are made with real cream cheese and whole eggs. Everything is home-made. We select only the best quality, natural ingredients to ensure our baked products are fresh and delicious. 

We’re excited to continue to provide you with the love and care that goes into every bit of Posé Bakery products!